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Zip file management software for multiple platforms

zipcreator helps you open and save zip files, and organize and extract their contents. You can explore zip archives, backup your important documents and collate multiple files and folders for convenient sending.

The zipcreator application uses Java desktop technology. It works consistently in all modern operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

zipcreator screenshot running on Windows

Download zipcreator

Download zipcreator
zipcreator.jar (206KB)
zipcreator requires a Java Runtime Environment (1.3 or higher). The latest Java Runtime Environment is available for all platforms from

For Mac OS X versions 10.6 and earlier: You can use zipcreator with the Java Runtime Environment distributed with your operating system. A more recent Java Runtime Environment may be available from the Software Update function in the Apple menu.

With Java installed, then .jar files should be associated with the Java Runtime Environment. So after downloading zipcreator, double-click the zipcreator.jar file to start the application.
Download user guide
zipcreator user guide.pdf (203KB)
The user guide requires a PDF viewer or modern web browser to view. Alternatively, read the web-based version using the website links to the right.

Reviews for zipcreator

The following review snippets for zipcreator are from established technology outlets.

Oracle Technology Network

"A great looking cross-platform (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) zip utility... I gave zipcreator a brief trial run and found it to be fast and easy to use."

PC & Tech Authority

"What if you spend a lot of time putting together zip archives and want something a little more user-friendly? One such tool is the Java-based zipcreator... A simple and capable tool that makes the creation and updating of zip archives much easier than relying on your computer's built-in tools."

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